Salt scrubs vs. sugar scrubs

Salt scrubs vs. sugar scrubs

By Netta Selene

Hey, glow-getters!

Do you want to reach for salt or sugar the next time you scrub? Let’s break down the difference between salt and sugar scrubs to help you decide!


  • Smooth: Sugar granules are tiny and rounded, so they’re super gentle on the skin. Perfect for the sensitive-skinned among us!
  • Hydrating: Sugar naturally draws moisture into your skin. A sugar scrub is like sending your skin to a spa if you’ve got dry skin.
  • Safe: Thanks to their gentle nature, sugar scrubs are safe for your face and body.


  • Detox: Salt is known for pulling impurities from your skin. Feeling grimy or congested? Salt scrubs to the rescue!
  • Minerals: Depending on the salt, you can get a bunch of skin-loving minerals. Think magnesium, calcium, and potassium.
  • Grittier: Salt granules can be larger and more abrasive, so they’re excellent for those rougher spots but may not be the best pick for sensitive or facial skin.

The Takeaway:

If you’re looking for something gentle and hydrating, sugar is your sweet spot. For a deeper exfoliation and detox, give salt a shake. Lucky for you, Domingo’s got both on hand for whatever mood your skin is in! ✨